Resolve: Worth Fighting For, Part 3: Fight for Air Time // Kate Murphy

Remember that one time Jesus told a story about how we all need to be more like the manager who embezzled from his company and then got praised by the CEO? Yeah—we pretty much bury this one. But Jesus said he needs more people like that guy on his team. What in the world?

This Sunday as the country honors the great American Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King (a man whose zeal for the coming Kingdom literally remade the culture), we dive into the third message of our Resolve: Worth Fighting For series. Let’s get inspired to work with more zeal, creativity, and holy urgency as if the future were at stake. Because it is.

Resolve: Worth Fighting For, Part 2: Fight for Each Other // Kate Murphy

Last week, we rallied around The Grove’s mission and resolved to fight against those standing in the way of our faithfulness to it. Turns out—that’s us! Our half-hearted and indifferent commitment to change, and our unwillingness to fight for the new life God is calling us to is our greatest opposition. Just like Rocky told Adonis.

So this week, we dig in and start to train. Inviting All—do we really mean it? Is EVERYONE welcome here, truly? If so—we better get ready to fight. Literally, because there will be conflict. The good news is—Jesus teaches us how to leverage conflict for the sake of goodness. In the Kingdom of God, even a fight between believers can be worked together for good.

Resolve: Worth Fighting For, Part 1: Fight the Good Fight // Kate Murphy

Inviting All to Serve and Come Alive in Christ. 

That’s our mission at The Grove—a mission centered around changing lives and ushering in the Kingdom. It’s a good mission, looks great on the masthead of our Sunday bulletins. But here’s the thing—our mission is just a sentence with a bunch of words unless we are actually living it out and fighting for it. This Sunday we start the new year with a four-part series about our commitment to our mission.. Listen and learn what we’re fighting for, what’s at stake, and what it will cost us.

We start with a great relevant clip from Creed and end with an introduction to our monthly communion celebration. We promise it’s all relevant.


The Other Side of Advent, Part 2: Light and Darkness // Kate Murphy

The Gospel of John 1:9-10
“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.” 
As we hang our holiday lights, can we be sure to say we recognize Jesus’ light better than our ancestors did? What does it mean to call Jesus the light, and how can we make sure that we are not missing it, or resisting it?

The Other Side of Advent, Part 1: The Scandal of the Incarnation // Kate Murphy

The Gospel of John 1:1-10

As the world around us goes crazy, we are slowing down, praying big, and singing joyfully as we explore the other side of Advent. We’ll turn our eyes from the human side of the story that we all know so well and, in awe and wonder, turn to the opening words of the Gospel of John and behold the divinity of Jesus. What does it mean that the God who spoke the world into being is also the one we meet in the manger? Listen in and find out.

The Life of Joseph, Part 4: Redeemer // Kate Murphy

Genesis chapters 42-45

This Sunday we reach the end of our worship series on the life of Joseph—and it’s a good ending. Joseph has the chance to retaliate against the brothers who sold him into slavery. Instead, he chooses forgiveness and reconciliation, sort of. I mean—he imprisons them, frames them, and basically tortures them psychologically…but THEN he forgives them. As we turn the corner from Thanksgiving to Advent, listen and understand why our most glorious and heroic attempts at love and mercy reveal our need for a Savior.

The Life of Joseph, Part 2: Suffering // Kate Murphy

Genesis 39
This Sunday, we look into the next section of the “Life of Joseph” and #itscomplicated. Joseph’s immature use of his spiritual gifts brought a great deal of suffering upon his parents, his brothers, and on himself.  Years of painful enslavement matures Joseph into a man of integrity, and in a moment of crisis he takes a great risk to make a principled stand for righteousness. And God rewards his maturity and righteousness with–wait for it–another long season of suffering!
A deep look at Joseph’s life yields the unwelcome revelation that suffering isn’t reserved for unrighteous people.  The truth is, sometimes we suffer even when we are brave and strong enough to do the right thing. Join us and learn how and why we are called to do good, even when it costs us, and how God’s presence with us redeems whatever kind of suffering we are in.

The Life of Joseph, Part 1: Dreamer // Kate Murphy

Genesis 37:1-11

This Sunday, we begin a new worship series called The Life of Joseph. We remember him as a prophetic dreamer and a redeemer. But, like all of us, Joseph is more than his highlight reel. Joseph’s life was anointed—but before he learned to use his divine gifting he brought great pain upon himself and his family. Joseph’s life shows us the dangerous ways we can misuse our spiritual gifts—and his story can teach us how to carry them rightly. We all have holy gifts—listen in and learn how to use yours for the glory of God!

Enough, Part 4: Love // Kate Murphy

John 11

It’s easy to find all we need in Jesus’ love when life is beautiful. But what about when it’s hard and ugly? What about those times when you trusted God’s love to provide and it . . . wasn’t enough. Mary and Martha and Lazarus knew something about these times, and their story helps us understand how God’s love is enough for us in our darkest — and holiest — hours.

Watch the whole message here at 46:46:

Posted by The Grove on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Enough, Part 3: Time // Kate Murphy

Deuteronomy 5:1-15

This week we unravel how the ancient and deceptively simple practice of keeping sabbath is a way of discovering that we actually already have all the time we need to be who God calls us to be.

Watch the whole message here at 52:00:

Posted by The Grove on Sunday, October 21, 2018