Follow Through // Doubt // Kate Murphy

The weeks after Easter is where the magic happens. That’s when we do the life-changing work of responding to the resurrection. And so, we’re starting a new worship series called “Follow Through” where together we’ll be thinking about how we can walk into new life with Jesus Christ during all the different seasons of our lives. We’ll think about how we can follow Jesus through — not merely in spite of — our doubt, weakness, despair, fear, and, perhaps most challengingly, our own success.

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Easter Sunday // Resurrection Is An Invitation // Kate Murphy

Matthew 28:1-20

When we gather to celebrate Easter, most of us think we are showing up to remember something miraculous that happened on the other side of the world two thousand years ago.  If we’re really optimistic, we imagine it has something to do with God’s promise for us after death.  But the truth is so much better.  We’re not merely celebrating something that has happened or will happen; we’re celebrating Christ’s resurrection—something that is still happening.  God is still in the business of redemption, and the power of the resurrection is what it does in us and in all of creation.  The evidence is not merely in a risen savior.  It’s in our lives.

Last Words // Part 6: Making an Entrance // Kate Murphy

This Sunday, we gather for what churches often call “Palm Sunday,” the day when we celebrate Jesus returning to Jerusalem to give up his life and fulfill the prophecies about him.  But in keeping with our “Last Words” theme, we are side-stepping the waving of palm branches (which only show up in one gospel account anyway) and focusing in on what Jesus was telling us by choosing to enter the city on a donkey.  Why do all four gospel accounts include that detail?  What can Jesus’s journey teach us about his kingdom that is hard for us to embrace?

Last Words // Part 5: Haters Gonna Hate // Kate Murphy

Jesus finishes his last words to the disciples with a sobering warning, ‘If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” Jesus is telling us that if we love people like he did, we can expect to be belittled and disregarded by those who prefer the status quo.

But why should we, if we commit to loving others, expect to be hated? Won’t everybody just love us back?

Listen in to hear why we can provoke such opposition when we love people like Jesus did. And then consider the choices we have and what you’re going to do about it.