This Is Us // Diversity // Kate Murphy

This week we bless the backpacks of our students and teachers of many ages, cultures, and ethnicities as they embark upon a new school year. Watching everyone stream forward from the pews, dragging their bags behind them—from tiny preschoolers to seasoned teachers and administrators—is an amazing example of what is so wonderful about our community and how we aim to resemble God’s people gathered in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fittingly, we also wrap up our worship series “This Is Us” with a celebration of our core value of diversity and a discussion about what we’re willing to sacrifice fighting for it.

This Is Us // What it Means to “Come Alive in Christ” // Kate Murphy

This Sunday, we continue our “This Is Us” worship series, which is all about the unique mission and culture God is calling (and equipping) us to create here at The Grove. We’re doing a deep dive into our mission statement—Inviting All to Serve and Come Alive in Christbecause we can’t be on a mission together unless we understand it and believe in it.

This week we look at the story of Jesus delivering the Gerasene man from his demons and talk about what it means to “Come Alive in Christ”  We’ve all got demonsevery one of us—and they threaten to fill us up to make it hard to receive the new life Jesus has for us.  Listen in as we talk about how to do something about it.