The Glorious Impossible // Advent: Believing in Things That Can’t Be Stopped // Kate Murphy

Our Advent theme this year is The Glorious Impossible because that is what comes with the birth of Jesus—a hope, a peace, a joy, and love that we believed weren’t possible. This impossible goodness is the glory of God—and it is for us, not against us. We don’t have to earn it or make it, God is already lavishly pouring out his presence into our lives. But we do have the power to reject it. That’s the choice Zechariah made…you can read about it here.

God sent an angel to announce the glorious and impossible thing He was about to do in Zechariah’s life. His response?

“No way.” 

He simply couldn’t accept that God would be that good to him. I hope you’ll listen in and find out what stopped—and what couldn’t be stopped—after Zechariah said no to God’s Glorious Impossible. We need to know, because God is still alive and manifesting gloriously impossible things in the world.

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