Again, Lord!-Week 1 // God’s Call // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Acts 10:1-23

Peter had been through a season of intense transformation–a call to leave all things behind and follow Jesus, a new name, receiving the keys to the kingdom and the announcement that he’d be the rock of the church, being called Satan by Jesus, confidently declaring his allegiance to the Lord and then deserting and denying him, watching his savior die, wondering at the empty tomb, being restored to faithfulness on the beach, preaching the gospel for the first time, being filled by the Spirit, watching the explosion of new disciples streaming to God. 

Peter’s world had been turned upside down so frequently and dramatically since meeting Jesus, he didn’t know which way was up anymore.  Like many of us, He’d been through so much he probably thought he couldn’t be surprised by God anymore.  He thought he had arrived, he thought he understood the vast newness of God’s grace.

He was wrong.  One day, Jesus spoke a new word and gave a fresh vision that, even after all he’d been through, was beyond Peter’s wildest expectations.  Even after all they’d been through, Jesus still had a new word for Peter.

And Jesus still has a new word for us.

We will never grow beyond being surprised by God’s call.  No matter how far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed, until we see God ‘face to face’ on the other side of eternity, we will never be able to comprehend how wide, how far, how vast and how deep the Father’s love for the world is.  We cannot let our delight in God’s past faithfulness satisfy our hunger for God in the present.  I hope you’ll join me as we begin a new worship series.  In this new season, we look to the past and cry out ‘Again, Lord!,’  seeking more of the fullness of God in these present days.


Pastor Kate

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