All Saints Day // The End of the Story // Pastor Kate Murphy

This Sunday, we end our October worship series on servant life by gathering together to worship God and give thanks for the saints we know and love who have died.  And that connection between servanthood and sainthood is so important for us to grasp.  We do not serve God in order to become saints.  We serve God because God’s love has swept us up into the salvation story.  We serve because, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have been sanctified.

And so while we cherish and celebrate the particularities of those we mourn, we do not put our trust in their goodness.  We do not fear that their human imperfections will separate them from the eternal goodness of God.  Our beloved are saints in the eyes of God, not because of their strengths, their victories or their impact on the world–but because they were and are perfectly loved by their creator.  It is the love that formed them and that carried them in life and through death–it is a love that sustains them still.

Come and see how very good the news is–your loved ones are not lost to God or to you.  This is how our story ends.


Pastor Kate

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