AWAKE-Week 3 // John the Baptist // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  Mark 1:1-8

This time of year, as we wait for the coming of the Lord it is important to remember that God sent someone ahead of Jesus to prepare the way for him and announce his coming.  The someone was a prophet named John.

The beginning of the good news is a wild holy man calling people to a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. He wore animal skins and ate bugs, and the nearness of the Kingdom of God was all the sweetness and solace he needed.

There is so much goodness in these days.  We find joy and comfort in gathering with loved ones, in preparing feasts & treats for one another, in the lights that blaze in the darkness. We should savor every blessing that comes.

And we should also remember that the Kingdom whose advent we celebrate is so good, so satisfying, so all-encompassing that it will fill us to overflowing even in adversity and hardship.

We should enjoy every blessing and tradition of this season.  But we rejoice in the coming of the Kingdom, we rejoice in the sacred knowledge that our souls have been awakened by the voice of the prophets–we rejoice because we are on the edge of the end of sin and suffering.

We know the beginning is near!


Pastor Kate

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