Being Human // What’s Keeping Us Up at Night // Kate Murphy

We are sheep.  That’s not an insult, it’s really good news.

The morning radio show I listen to has a recurring segment these days where they ask different people to answer the question, ‘what is keeping you up at night?’  There is a heartbreaking divide among the answers, the only common ground is–everybody has one.

Everybody has something that is keeping them up at night.

Psalm 23 can also be common holy ground in these days.  Whatever is breaking your heart, whatever is keeping you awake at night, there is consolation here.  The psalm reminds us that the Lord is our shepherd.  That means we are sheep, not saviors.  

Many of the things keeping us up at night are more than we can handle.  But we aren’t left on our own to handle them.  We have a shepherd, a good one.  That doesn’t mean there are not really dangerous days.  It does mean we aren’t facing them alone.

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