CORE-4 // Opportunity // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  Matthews 19:16-26

Dear Church,

The invitation to follow Jesus is the greatest gift that we ever receive.  Life with Jesus is abundant beyond our wildest imagination and transformative beyond our innate capabilities. 

That’s why opportunity is a core value of our culture at the Grove.  In Christ, we become new creation–both wholly changed and also more authentically ourselves.  A healthy and holy church provides space and grace and opportunity for folks to become who they will be in Christ.


Opportunity has costs.  Any investment banker could tell you that.  Taking advantage of any kind of opportunity–financial, relational, educational, physical or spiritual–requires commitment, investment, energy and sacrifice.

We aren’t able to become new and also stay the same.  Growth requires change. Saying yes to something new also requires saying no to the status quo.  Sometimes the opportunities we find in Christ require saying ‘no’ over and over again in ways that seem foolish and even destructive to the culture. That’s certainly what this young man found out. (Matthew 19:16-26)

But maybe it didn’t end the way everyone assumes it did.

Maybe there’s another way to read this story that will give us healthier and holier expectations of ourselves and the opportunity costs of following Jesus.

I hope you’ll join me to worship the Lord this Sunday at 10am, in the sanctuary or on the live-stream. 

And I hope you’ll keep scrolling.  This week’s e-news is a little more wordy than usual, but we have several significant–ahem–opportunities to share with you.


Pastor Kate

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