Decision-Week 2 // When Life Means Death // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  John 11:45-57

Dear Church,

In the gospel of John, Jesus’ fate was sealed after he raised his friend Lazarus from the dead.  There were plenty of  people who saw it happen: their neighbor, who died four days ago, stumbled out of the tomb after Jesus came and cried and called out, Lazarus, come!

It was bringing Lazarus back to life that led to Jesus’ death.

Some of those first-hand witnesses saw the miracle and believed in him.  Others saw and told on him. 

They ran to the leaders of their temples and synagogues and reported what they’d seen.  And those religious leaders called an emergency meeting of the Presbytery Sanhedrin to figure out what to do about Jesus. Because whoever he was, he was clearly going to change everything. And they were going to have to decide whether they were for that or against it. They decided that whatever Jesus was doing, even though it included raising the dead, they were against it. 

And like all people of faith ever since, we too must decide if we are for or against the way Jesus is changing everything.  Will we yield to the power of the glory of God Jesus unleashes in our lives? Or will we decide that some things are more sacred to us and must be protected from Jesus?

I hope you’ll join me for worship this Sunday at 10am–in the sanctuary or on the live-stream. Because Lent is a time set apart for us to reconsider and recommit to the way of Jesus.  And as much as we prefer the stories of those who decided for Jesus, it is good for our souls to contemplate how very similar we are to those who encountered Jesus and decided against him.


Pastor Kate

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