First, Love-Week 2 // Love and Hatred // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  1 John 3:11-24 (NIV)

In the beginning, we understood that our only goal on the way of Jesus is to love.  Not to fix or change or judge or punish or even to save, not to be the holiest, or the most important or the most powerful or the best. God is all of those things, and the way of Jesus won’t make you God, which is what we’ve all desired from the beginning. The way of Jesus will heal us and show us how good and wonder-filled and enough it is to be people fully loved by our Creator. The way of Jesus will make us content and grateful to be human. It is the grace of God that delivers us from evil and into love, which is the opposite of death.

Love will set us free in the wild center of God’s liberating redemption of all creation. Love will lead us on the path back to shalom. Love, and only love, will take us everywhere we need to go. Love will make all things new.

Including our life in Christ.

I hope you will join me as we share the feast of communion and I hope you’ll come and taste and see that God is good and God is for you and God is with you and God is within you. 

Pastor Kate

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