Freedom School Sunday // True Freedom // Kate Murphy

This week we celebrate Freedom School Sunday—a time set aside to welcome our Freedom School interns and scholars (and their families) to celebrate the incredible gospel-ministry happening on our campus during these six weeks.

This Sunday might just be my favorite. Why? Because Freedom School is more than a summer camp or an intensive reading program. It’s a place where kids discover that they are already enough, already beloved, and already worth celebrating. It’s a time when kids learn to silence the voices that limit them with lies or tell them that they’re broken or bad. In other words, Freedom School is the gospel in action—it is a real life example of truth walking off the Bible’s pages and into the hearts of children where it will dance and flourish. Freedom School is a jubilee-deliverance-welcome-to-the-Kingdom-of-God-miracle kind of party. And, I don’t know about you, but I could use some more of that in my life.

So join us and our Freedom School family, and learn how Jesus is still in the business of healing and setting us free.

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