Holy Troublemakers -Week 3 // Jonah 4 // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Jonah 4:1-4

Dear Church,

Do you believe in repentance?

This week we turn to the book of Jonah–and that’s the question.  We like to pretend Jonah’s story is about obedience or the ‘problem of evil.’  But it isn’t.  The book of Jonah is about the problem of Goodness.  Ultimately, the book of Jonah asks us to consider whether or not we believe in repentance.

God does. 

Jonah doesn’t.

Do you?

We’ll consider how we feel about it when prophecy ‘works’ and people turn away from evil and commit themselves to faithful living with God.  That’s a feel-good story when we are the ones forgiven and made new.  But when it’s our enemies who are washed clean with a grace they don’t deserve and haven’t earned, it doesn’t feel so good. 

I hope you will join me as we confront the outrageously unfair goodness of God from the other side.


Pastor Kate

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