Hope-Week 1 // A Surprising Hope // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  Romans 5:1-5 & John 2:1-11

Dear Church,

Do you have hope in these days?

Notice I didn’t ask you if you were feeling hopeful.  I asked you if you have hope. That’s important because hope isn’t an emotion we feel (or don’t feel).  Hope is something concrete we possess if we believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Maybe you think it doesn’t matter if you have hope, as long as you live a faithful loving, generous and compassionate life. But beloved, it does. In fact, I would argue that we can’t live a faithful life without hope.

Our hope in Christ is the source of our vision and our wisdom and our strength.  Our hope shapes our lives.

If we do not have hope in Christ, our fears, cynicism and weaknesses make our choices. 

As the year winds down, we will dedicate these November Sundays to recovering–or maybe discovering–our living hope in Jesus.

Friends–it’s even better than you think. We are always surprised by the beauty and goodness and power of our hope.

Our hope is more than enough. Our hope does not just to sustain us in these days, our hope leads to free, flourishing and abundant life, even and especially in seasons of suffering.


Pastor Kate

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