In the Middle // Pushing Past Opposition // Kate Murphy

This week we dive into the story of Nehemiah and how he began to rebuild the city walls. Even while facing opposition and insult, he prayed and continued to persevere. This was no easy mission. For the people, it seemed impossible and even pointless to build the walls—they were tired, their strength from all the labor was giving out, and they began to believe the insults of their enemies. For them, it seemed easier to just let things stay the way they were.

Often times, we go through life feeling like this, too. We become used to the way things are and indifferent to the real effort and sacrifice required of every generation to renew and repair what is sacred. And friends, everything that we are called to restore and rebuild is as holy and essential as the work of rebuilding the temple, and even the city walls.

Listen in and be encouraged as we discover that all work done to the glory of God is holy work.

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