Into the Shadows-Week 4 // Mary’s Song // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38 & Luke 1:46-55

Dear Church,

Today (if you are reading this note on Friday) is the day the church celebrates the annunciation of the Lord–the moment that the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, a poor young girl and announced that Almighty God was inviting her to become the mother of the messiah, son of God, the long awaited savior who would break the curse of the fall and finally crush the head of the serpent.  The savior who would change everything, turn creation upside down to set it right again.  And Mary said yes:  

Here I am, the servant of the Lord.  Let it be with me according to your will.

This moment–the annunciation—is about the brilliant light of God shining in the darkness.  Usually people assume it is the angel Gabriel who brings that light, but for me, Mary’s answer is the light which pierces the darkness.  She is old enough to know how the world is, old enough to understand the price she will pay, the risk she is taking, the centuries of condemnation, shame & rage that will crash down on her young shoulders.  But she says yes–because she also understands that the world that is, isn’t the world that could be–or the world that will be.  She believes God is good and trusts God for salvation, so she offers her whole self to God to do God’s will–even when it is beyond her understanding.

The light of Mary’s yes pierces the shadows of Lent–her faith-filled yes testifies that while the past has surely malformed the present, it will not distort the future.  The kingdom of God has broken in and the revolution has begun–bringing new creation that centers the weak–not the strong, the poor–not the rich, the sick–not the healthy.  This Sunday, we look at how the Holy Spirit is calling us–like Mary–to say yes to the ways that God is breaking the power of the past as Jesus unleashes new creation.


Pastor Kate

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