Letters from Prison – Week 1 // Paul & Martin // Pastor Kate Murphy

This Sunday we dive into a new worship series called Letters from Prison, because that’s exactly where some of the most profound and beautiful witnesses to life in Christ are born.

Each week we’ll pair part of a letter the apostle Paul wrote while he was in prison with portions of letters written by other Christian saints.  We’ll begin by reading Paul’s vision of what unity in Christ looks like and then we’ll see how Rev. Dr. King’s famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail puts Paul’s theories into practice.  I know you won’t be sorry if you read through both of them before worship on Sunday.  But if you don’t have time–here’s the bottom line.  In healthy Christian communities–unity doesn’t mean pretending to be the same or swallowing pain or making false peace with injustice.  Unity in Christ requires gentleness, humility, patience and putting up with people in love.  And it is the only soil capable of growing the fruits of redemption and transformation.

As we move into the longest and hottest days of the year, may we find the wisdom and courage we need from the witness of the saints who have come before us–especially those like our brothers Paul & Martin who laid down their whole lives in faith so that we might find freedom and living hope in Jesus.

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