Mind of Christ – Week 1 // Parables & Stories // Pastor Kate Murphy

When he walked this earth, there was one group of people who failed to see the goodness of God in Jesus.  One group of people who not only didn’t recognize Jesus as God’s son–but believed they were honoring God when they persecuted him.

It wasn’t the sinners or the sick or the poor or the gentiles or the foreigners.

It was the people like us–people of faith.  The people who prayed for the Messiah were exactly the ones who didn’t recognize Jesus when God sent him in answer to their prayers.

That should unsettle us.  Why did they miss him?  Why did the very ones who longed for the Kingdom miss its coming?

Because he wasn’t who they expected him to be.  They thought they knew God, they thought they knew salvation, they thought they knew scripture and understood the prophecies.  What they thought they knew blinded them spiritually.  Jesus had no trouble healing the blind–it was those who didn’t know they were blind who remained unchanged–because they rejected the light that pierced their darkness.

This Sunday we start a new worship series called ‘Mind of Christ.’  We’ll be looking at the parables–because these holy little stories show us the gap between our comfortable religious expectations and holy reality.  Parables are a peek into the mind of Jesus.  They disturb and unsettle us–and that’s the point.  They help us get used to being surprised by God.

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