Nehemiah: Rebuild & Restore // An Opportune Time // Kate Murphy

This Sunday we begin a new worship series on the book of Nehemiah.  Buried in the middle of the Old Testament, it is a record of the struggle to rebuild the city of Jerusalem after a long period of forced absence.  For more than a generation, tragedy separated God’s people from their sacred city.  For more than a generation, the people had been praying and crying and dreaming of returning.  When the time to return finally came–it was bittersweet and unexpectedly difficult.  Is it possible for scripture to be too relevant?

As we begin to prepare to return to our campus–to one another, to the sacred space we love and the rituals we have missed so terribly–we too will have the work of rebuilding and repair to do.  And like our ancestors, we will discover that while we can come back to the place, we can not return to who we were before we left.  We can learn so much for Nehemiah about the challenges we will face and how to walk with great hope, vibrant faith, and the right expectations in this season.

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