Nehemiah: Rebuild & Restore // Fallen Hero // Kate Murphy

Nehemiah, our “hero” says and does some unsavory things. What are we supposed to do with that? We Christians like to put people into categories. Hero/villain. Good guy/bad guy. Positive example/negative example. But, these last chapters of Nehemiah’s autobiography really complicate things.

The truth is—Nehemiah isn’t a good guy or a bad guy. He’s a typical human mixture of both. Church—only comic books have heroes. The Bible, however, has saints and a savior. And, Nehemiah might be the former, but he’s certainly not the latter. 

And he doesn’t need to be.

Jesus is our savior—the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. When we look to him, we see how to have right expectations of other people, even the ones we meet in scripture.

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