Servant Life-Week 2 // Wisdom of a Servant // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  Matthew 25:14-30 (?)

Dear Church,

Before leaving on a long journey, a man left work for three of his servants.  In his absence, two of the servants labored as requested, but the third servant did nothing.  When their Lord returned, he was pleased with the obedient servants and angry with the one who did nothing.  The ones who were faithful were rewarded, the one who was not faced consequences.

Usually when we think about this story (Matthew 25:14-30), we focus on the servant who did not follow instructions.  We question his motives; we evaluate his excuses, and we resolve to be nothing like him.

But this month we are focusing on a less popular aspect of Jesus’ identity–his servanthood.  So, instead of wondering what was wrong with the third guy, we’re going to focus on what was right with the first two.  Where did they find the energy, courage and wisdom that their fellow servant lacked?  What did they know and how did it empower them to live differently?  Most importantly, how did their approach to serving mirror Jesus’ own?

I hope you’ll join me as we reveal the wisdom of a servant that leads to abundant life.


Pastor Kate

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