Six Ways to Look at the Cross-Week 5 // A Power That Gives Us Hope // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:17-19 and Matthew 27:27-54

Dear Church,

I used to love those Era detergent commercials.  Do you remember them?  You’d see grass, mud and blood stains on a t-shirt.  Then they’d write the name ‘Era’ on the stains with the clear detergent.  Then they’d spray it with water, and you’d see the word appear like magic.  Every part of the stain covered by the detergent would be washed clean.

But would the stains covered in bargain detergent be so transformed? Nay–not so.  Only the superior cleaning power of Era (and later Era Plus) could handle the really tough stains.  It’s possible I watched too much TV as a child.

Sometimes we act like the cross is bargain brand detergent, only capable of cleaning what isn’t really dirty, only powerful enough to fix what isn’t that broken.  We live like the goodness of God is powerful enough to transform the lives of already-pretty-good people in not-so-bad situations.  But when lives are truly twisted and crushed, when evil is palpable and all consuming, we despair.

Friends–the cross is not bad news.  It’s not medicine we have to choke down to get to the goodness of resurrection.  For us, the cross is power.  A power the world has never known–a merciful power, a beautiful power, a good power.  A power strong enough to transform the most brutal and broken.  A power that gives us hope.
Together, by God’s grace, we will learn to see the hope of the cross.

Pastor Kate

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