Smashing Idols (a Lenten Series) // Pride // Kate Murphy

This Sunday, the first in the holy season of Lent, we begin a new worship series called “Smashing Idols.” You may be thinking—when is the last time anybody saw an idol? I promise you, they’re hidden in plain sight.

An idol is anything we put our trust in other than God—and, these days—our idols aren’t statues that we bow down before. Honestly, they are the sins we’ve normalized and enshrined in our personalities. This Sunday, we’re starting with the biggest idol of all—pride.

It’s pride that led the first humans to turning away from God in the garden, and it’s pride that blinds us to our own sinfulness. The good news, though, is that Jesus teaches us what it is like to come face-to-face with the enemy and to be tempted towards and yet turn down the spiritual snare of pride.

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