Spirit School-Week 5 // The Righteous Power of God // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Acts 1:1-9

Dear Church,

This Sunday when we gather for worship many in our community will already be celebrating Independence Day.  If you have been hanging around the Grove for very many years you might have noticed that

Every year on the Sunday closest to July 4th, I preach the crucifixion of our Lord.  Because I want us to make the connection that, as Christians our freedom and hope lie, not in any flag, but in the cross.

But this year, I feel the Spirit pushing me to engage more directly with the holiday.

What does it look like to live faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ in the United States of America?  How should we engage with the history of this nation?  What does it look like to have a holy love for the nation, for the place and the people?  How do we live here, but as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven?  And how should we respond to the many fellow Christians–some of them pastors with huge platforms–who claim that America is a Christian nation…or should be? What does the gift of the Holy Spirit have to do with any of this? Would you believe me if I said: everything?

Together, we will seek–not to be right–but the power of God to be righteous, here and now for the sake of the whole world God so loved.


Pastor Kate

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