The Beautiful Way // Do Justice // Kate Murphy

Jesus calls us to new life. When we are filled with his Spirit, we become totally new creations. And it is grace that gives us the power to live the way the Lord calls us to—the beautiful way.

We become new, but the beautiful way is not new. It’s the same way God was teaching Adam and Eve when he walked with them in the cool of the evenings. It’s the same way of living laid out in the covenant God gave Moses on Mount Sinai. It’s the same way the judges and prophets continually called the people to return to. The beautiful way of living is to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God. It’s the old way that, by the power of the Spirit, makes us new.

But what does it mean to do justice? No one consciously chooses injustice over justice. We all find a way to justify ourselves—to define justice in a way that proves our actions are just. But how do we know that what seems like justice in our eyes is, in fact, justice in God’s eyes?

We turn to scripture. The Bible reveals to us clearly what justice looks like in a fallen and broken world (hint: it usually looks like good news for the powerless, not the powerful). I hope you will listen in as we explore the story of Naboth’s vineyard and discover how God intervenes through a prophet to demand justice of a King.

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