The Life of Joseph, Part 2: Suffering // Kate Murphy

Genesis 39
This Sunday, we look into the next section of the “Life of Joseph” and #itscomplicated. Joseph’s immature use of his spiritual gifts brought a great deal of suffering upon his parents, his brothers, and on himself.  Years of painful enslavement matures Joseph into a man of integrity, and in a moment of crisis he takes a great risk to make a principled stand for righteousness. And God rewards his maturity and righteousness with–wait for it–another long season of suffering!
A deep look at Joseph’s life yields the unwelcome revelation that suffering isn’t reserved for unrighteous people.  The truth is, sometimes we suffer even when we are brave and strong enough to do the right thing. Join us and learn how and why we are called to do good, even when it costs us, and how God’s presence with us redeems whatever kind of suffering we are in.

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