The School of US-Week 3 // Alive in Christ // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-9

Dear Church,

This week we turn our focus to the third portion of our mission statement, ‘inviting all to serve and come alive in Christ.’  And it’s important that we understand that this third part isn’t something that we resolve to do for God, but something we hope, trust and expect God to do for us–by the power of the Holy Spirit, make us alive in Christ.

What does that even mean?

To come alive in Christ, to be born again, to be filled with the Holy Spirit–depending on the kinds of Christian communities you’ve experienced, it’s either the essential marker of loving and being loved by Jesus or the way ‘not-our-kind’ of Christians talk about Jesus.  It’s either something to be sought single-mindedly or avoided at all costs.  Whatever baggage you might carry to this conversation, these two things are indisputable:

Jesus said it was essential,
it’s a gift and a promise, not a burden or a threat.
you are in control or when you give up control

I hope you’ll join me for worship on Sunday at 10am–in the sanctuary or on the live-stream–as we turn aside and behold what it looks like to be filled by the Holy Spirit in a wild and beautiful story from the book of Exodus.

Pastor Kate

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