This Is Us // Anything Can Be Resurrected // Kate Murphy

We — that is, those of us who call the Grove community home — have been called to be a ministry of hope in our East Charlotte neighborhood and beyond, always believing and proclaiming what we know to be the truth: the same power that conquered the grave lives within us.

A place in the Hebrew scriptures (II Kings) where God demonstrates his power at work, in and through his people, is a story of Elisha’s visit to a certain widow. He tells the widow to ask all of her neighbors for empty jars and then, as a prophet filled with God’s power, helps to break the curse of debt enslavement. How? By multiplying the small resource of one person and the empty jars gathered from her friends.

The truth is, when community transformation is our larger goal, God will both bless and astonish our community; he will set the captives free and fill all those empty places in our lives where we lack and are lost in need.

How can we invite our neighbors to bring with them, not just their resources, but also their emptiness? How can we live trusting God’s power to use everything we bring, even the things that our culture says aren’t valuable?

I hope you’ll listen in to find out.

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