A Welcome Table // Tale of Two Women // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

This week the Grove was pulsing with life, tiny feet kicking the back of pews, little hands struggling to squeeze out exactly the right amount of glue, big people taking deep breaths trying to remain present to the joy and promise bursting forth out of the chaos.  The day after Easter, you created an oasis of welcome and creativity and wonder and hope and lively peace for children and their families. 

Because the truth is–there is no day after Easter.  When Christ rose from the grave, he renewed creation–as it was in the beginning, as it ever shall be, the good news of resurrection is that it is that way now, with Christ.  The kingdom of God is in the midst of us–and signs of new life, the Kingdom of God, are all around us.   They may not always be visible or impressive to those who are not seeking the Kingdom, but for those whose minds have been renewed in Christ, there is more than enough to celebrate.


Pastor Kate

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