Resurrection Sunday // Hope // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10

Dear Church,

It is not only good, but also necessary that we celebrate the resurrection on Sunday. The rocks would cry out if we didn’t.  But don’t come for the celebration–come to receive what we are celebrating.  Because if Easter doesn’t change everything, it really doesn’t matter at all.

All the color, all the sound and surprises, all the excitement, all the hallelujahs–they’re only the signs.  They’re only the celebration.  It’s the revelation of the empty tomb that changes everything, the entire cosmos, even & especially us. It’s not the celebration itself that matters, it’s what we’re celebrating.

It didn’t just happen to Jesus.  Paul says, ‘if anyone is in Christ–new creation!’

Come and see. 

Come and see what we’re made of now. 

Come and see what we’re made for now. 

Come and see. 

But don’t come for the show. 

Come for





Pastor Kate

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