Decision-Week 6 // Two Parades // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  Matthew 21:1-11 & Matthew 27:27-32

Dear Church,

We are standing together on the cusp of Holy Week.

Throughout this sacred season of Lent, we’ve been walking towards the glorious revelation of the cross and empty tomb which forms the heart of our faith and hope in Jesus.  Now we are only a few steps away.

But first, two parades. One is strange, but joyous. The other horrifying and brutal. One embodies the way of Christ.  The other exposes the true nature of all that stands opposed to God’s love–stripping away the facade of righteousness and respectability that so often deceives us.

We need to see both and seek God for wisdom, healing and growth in them.

I hope you will worship with me throughout this holiest of weeks.  There is much the Spirit wants to show us in the final triumphant moments of the life of Jesus.  Some of what we will see is astonishingly beautiful.  And much of what we will behold is almost unbearable horror.

All of it is true. The beauty and the horror.  And in Christ, God provides beautiful transcendent life for us in all of it.

Sooner or later, we will all experience the reality of these days in our own lives.  We need to see how Jesus is with us in it all, is faithful to us in it all.


Pastor Kate

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