Good Friday // The Hardest Day // The Seven Words

It is Good Friday.  This is the holiest day. This is the hardest day. We cannot look away.  I hope you will join us as we worship and pray and keep watch together. Jesus tells us this is the hour for which he came.  He promises that if we will allow the Spirit to open our eyes, we will see the glory of God. Then we will understand how it is possible that this day can be good.

The First Word “Father Forgive Them”
   Luke 23:33-34 – Pastor Barbara Smith

The Second Word – “Today, With Me, Paradise”
   Luke 23:39-43 – Rev. James Thomas

The Third Word – “Woman, Behold Your Son”
   John 19:25-27– Josue Figueroa

The Fourth Word – “My God, My God, Why”
   Matthew 27:39-46 – Nicole Thompson

The Fifth Word – “I Thirst”
   John 19:28-29 – Pastor Kate Murphy

The Sixth Word – “It Is Finished”
   John 19:30 – Ciara Osbey

The Seventh Word – “Into Your Hands”
   Luke 23:43-49 – Dr. Wes Vander Lugt

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