Easter Sunday // Christ Is Risen // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  Matthew 28:1-10

Dear Church,

These holy days are not for pretending.  We watch and pray as those who know the incredible end of the story.  On the cross we are seeing the triumph of the goodness of God.  We are seeing the Prince of Peace overthrow the powers of violence, sin and death.

The most radical thing that Christians believe is not the virgin birth or resurrection.  It’s not that one time the sun stood still or that Jesus walked on water.  It isn’t the liberating ten plagues or the manna in the wilderness.  We believe a lot of incredible things; but the most astonishing faith claim we make is this:

Goodness has already won.

Grace has already won.

Mercy has already won.

Love has already won.

Christ is risen.

Believing this, and seeking the grace of God that makes it true, is how we have the courage and power to welcome the stranger, embrace the prisoner, forgive our enemies and live each day in hope washing one another’s feet.

I hope you will also join me as we delight in the goodness of God that rose Jesus from the grave. Together we will seek God for the grace to live by the goodness of God, and by the power of the Holy Spirit–we will find it!


Pastor Kate

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