Spirit School-Pentecost // What God Desires of Us // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21

Dear Church–

At the last meal he shared with his disciples before his death, Jesus told them, ‘it is good that I am leaving you.’  Even though no one was brave or foolish enough to say it, I’m sure they were all thinking that was crazy.  How could it be good that Jesus was leaving?  The disciples had incredible intimacy with the Lord, how could it be good for them to lose that?  What could be better than walking around,  sharing meals, talking one-on-one with Jesus?  

Jesus tells them it’s good that he’s leaving them because when he returns to the Father, he will send them the Holy Spirit.  He leaves them physically, so that he can be even more intimate with them spiritually.  And that gift is not just with the people who were in the room that night, but for all who call upon the name of the Lord.  Even us.

So often, we long to have a deeper connection with Jesus–we pray for a word, for a sign, for a feeling.  Friends, we can have all that and more: we can have continual access to the Spirit of God through Christ.  This Sunday, we’ll share the story of the day Jesus kept his promise and poured out his Spirit upon his people.  It’s the day of Pentecost, it’s the birthday of the church, and it’s wildly wonderful good news for all of us.


Pastor Kate

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