Holy Troublemakers -Week 1 // Ezekiel 10 // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Ezekiel 10:9-22

Dear Church,

In his sermon on the mount, Jesus says, ‘blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.’  In the very next breath, he says people should be encouraged and rejoice when they are persecuted and insulted and lied about, because this is what has always happened and what always will happen to the prophets.

Because peacemakers are prophets.

And prophets are troublemakers. 

They don’t predict the future–they speak for God when God’s people have stopped listening.  God fills the mouths of the prophets to speak behalf of the poor and powerless and vulnerable, because these lives reveal the health and holiness of our communities.

Philip Berrigan, a prophet if there ever was one, wrote, ‘the poor show us who we are.  The prophets tell us who we could be.  So we hide the poor and kill the prophets.’

We launch into a new worship series on the prophets this Sunday.  Expect to be uncomfortable.  Expect to be challenged.  Expect to be blessed.  First up–Ezekiel.  Eat your spiritual Wheaties friends.  These are the searing words of truth that sanctify us.

Ezekiel will tell us the truth that will set us free.


Pastor Kate

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