#RealTalk-Week 4 // Handling Conflict // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46, Luke 8:21 & 11:28

Dear Church,

Jesus liked to tell stories about seeking and finding.  He told one parable about a man seeking treasure who found some buried in a field.  He hid it again; went away and sold everything he had and then bought the field. 

We are all seeking treasure here.  We are searching for deep, true, real & joyful life with Jesus and one another at the Grove.  I believe Jesus has planted that longing in each of our hearts, and I believe that Jesus was telling the truth when he said that those who seek will find.  But I also believe that Jesus was telling the truth in his story about the treasure hidden in the field.  It will require real effort, real sacrifices and real risk to find what we are searching for. 

We will have to fight to become the healthy and holy church we are seeking.


Sometimes, God will heal and grow and bless us through conflict.  But there is a right and a wrong way to approach conflict, and most of us have never been taught the difference.  There is a faithful way to fight that will bear fruit for the Kingdom.

I hope you will join me for the last installment of our #realtalk worship series.  We are going to dive into the practical dos and don’ts of conflict. We can’t avoid conflict–but we can learn how to make our fights worth having.


Pastor Kate

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