#RealTalk-Week 3 // Embracing Conflict // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:7b-10

Dear Church,

#realtalk: My greatest fear is rejection.  Because I’m afraid of rejection, I really dread conflict.  For years, I avoided it like the plague.  I’d do anything to avoid having a painful conversation with anyone–much less someone I loved.  Maybe this is part of your story too.

But what I’m learning is, we can find deliverance in the very things we ask God to deliver us from.  Conflict isn’t a sin or a burden.  It’s a reality we navigate as humans. For years, my dream was to serve a church without any conflict.  But a church without conflict isn’t possible, and it certainly wouldn’t be healthy.  Now I see that conflict is just another opportunity for God to bless us.  Conflict is something we can get good at!

We need to have right expectations of the role conflict plays in healthy communities. And we need to learn how to participate in conflict in a holy way.  We need to learn how to ‘fight clean,’ trusting and expecting that God’s grace and power will bind us together, even as we seek peace. Conflict can help us grow into a healthy and holy community.

Together, I believe the Holy Spirit will teach us to have difficult, truth-filled and loving conflict that makes us a freer, safer and more joyful community!


Pastor Kate

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