Jesus and Zacchaeus // Welcoming Uninvited Guests // Rev. Daniel Heath

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10 (NRSV)

This week we are thrilled to welcome the Rev. Daniel Heath to the pulpit! Daniel serves as associate Chaplain at Davidson College and is a long-time friend to the Grove.

Daniel will be sharing a message about Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus, a tree-climbing tax collector despised by his neighbors.  Zacchaeus wasn’t called by Jesus to be a disciple.  He wasn’t sick or demon possessed. He didn’t need to leave home and follow.  He didn’t need to be healed.  He needed to be redeemed.

So Jesus singled him out with a special invitation, telling everyone that he’d come to town specifically to dine at Zacchaeus’ home. This confused and offended the crowd who hated Zacchaeus and held him responsible for much of their suffering.

There’s much more to this story that a ‘wee-little man’ and a sycamore tree.

Then and now, Jesus persists in going out of his way to center and include those we are desperate to leave out.  If the Grove really is a community gathered by Christ, and not by us, you should be prepared.   You’re going to find some folks here you wish weren’t. Our enemies aren’t Jesus’ enemies.


Pastor Kate

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