Journey With Jesus // Facing Fear // Eulando Henton

This Sunday, we begin a new series to explore our Journey With Jesus. And, this week, we’re talking about one thing we all face on the journey of faith…


Throughout the Bible, God says do not be afraid. It’s one of the most frequent commands in the Bible. And, though we’ve heard this word—time and time again—day in and day, we still find ourselves entangled in fear.

The problem with fear is that what we fear, we follow. And what we fear, we obey. 

So, how do we live as truly free people? How do we live unafraid in the midst of raging storms? How do we journey with Jesus, hearing and following and trusting the voice of our good shepherd and true savior? 

Listen in and hear this good word from our dear friend, Pastor Eulando Henton. 

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