The Beautiful Way // Walk Humbly // Kate Murphy

What does the Lord require of us? In a never-ending season of uncertainty, this has never and will never change: to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God. Together, these three are the beautiful way of life the grace of Jesus Christ equips us to walk.

Kindness and justice are accessible words;they are part of our everyday lexicon. Even if we don’t properly understand them, they are words we use. Words we affirm. Everyone claims to be on the side of justice. Everyone claims to be kind.  

But humility? Miss us with that one.

Humility is an antiquated word. Maybe our ancestors sought to be humble, but we are the Hamilton era. We’re not gonna miss our shot—we’re determined to make our mark. We might not know exactly what humility means, but we’re still pretty sure we’re not interested in having it.

And we’re wrong. Really wrong. Dead wrong.

I hope you’ll join us virtually and listen in to find out why this humility (that we don’t want) is exactly what we need.

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