Life After Grace-Week 4 // Grace Is Power // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture:  2 Corinthians 12:1-10

If grace were only the assurance that we will find eternal life with God after we die, it would be more than enough reason to praise God forever.  If grace were only the character of God’s heart that chooses to pour out merciful forgiveness on sinners, it would be enough reason to give thanks for all of eternity.

Most of us think that’s what grace is–eternal life and an assurance of God’s mercy.  And it is more than enough for us.  Who could want or need anything more?

We do.

People who want to pick up their crosses and follow Jesus, we need more.

And the incredible good news is that there IS more.  Grace is even more than mercy and salvation.

Grace is power.

Grace is the force that resurrected Jesus from the grave.

Grace is the power inherent in the new life we receive from God.

Grace is the ability that is in us, but not of us, to be faith-filled followers of Jesus.

But most of us, as familiar and dependent on grace as we understand ourselves to be, don’t feel very powerful.  In our suffering and struggles, we are weak and despairing.  Or worse, in denial.  Many of us have been taught to completely deny our suffering and struggles.

If power is part of grace, then why are we so powerless?

Because, friends, the power of grace can only be found in one place.  It’s the place Jesus walked toward unflinchingly his whole life. And it’s the place most of us run as fast and far from as we possibly can.

I hope you will join me as we discover the exact place we can find the power of grace in our lives, should we choose to seek it.


Pastor Kate

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