Make Love the Measure // The Road to Emmaus // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Psalm 145, Luke 24:13-35 (NIV)

This is my favorite Sunday of the year, because the Sunday after Easter is the day ‘Alleluia, He is Risen!’ stops being a worship response and starts determining how we LIVE.

Because we believe that Jesus is risen, we make different choices–we live differently, work differently, form community differently.  Because Jesus is risen, we fight different battles in different ways, we celebrate different victories, and we find ourselves in a different family.  Because Jesus is risen–we think differently, see differently, love differently. For us, everything changes.  Because Jesus is risen–everything is new.  And while the scope of the change is cosmic, the way we change is deceptively simple.

Love becomes the way we measure everything.  And when love is the measure–everything is made new.

I hope you’ll join me as we look at a beautiful story in a new and transformative way.


Pastor Kate

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