SABBATH-Week 2 // The Seventh Day // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Genesis 1:31-2:3, Mark 2:23-28

Dear Church,

Scripture starts with the beginning of everything–the story of God creating all that is, land and sky, stars, sun and moon, seas and creatures and plants and birds and humans, made in the image of the maker. 

But, contrary to how you might have heard it, humans are not the grand-flourish- culmination of creation.  God’s ultimate act of creation is a seventh day, the day of rest.  

God’s own creative choice to rest is the root of our practice of sabbath.

And why did God rest?  Because at the end of the sixth sacred day of creation work, God ‘looked at all that he had made and saw that it was very good.’

God rested because all that had been made was, not just good, not good enough, but very good.  And you and I, on our best days and on our worst days and all the days in-between, we are beheld by God’s gaze and included in that declaration.

We are part of the very good.  

And so, one day in seven, we who bear the image of God in our sacred flesh, we rest with our Creator.  We stop to return the gaze of the one who is gazing in delight at us.  You–you–especially you–are very good in God’s eyes.  

I hope you will join me as we rest, remember & rejoice in the life-giving truth that God sees us and claims us and declares us very good!

Pastor Kate

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