SABBATH-Week 3 // Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Mark 2:23 – 3:6

Dear Church,

Jesus could not have been crucified without the efforts of people of faith.  It wasn’t pagan priests or Roman senators who wanted Jesus dead–folks like that had never even heard of him.  It was his own fellow believers who worked the systems to have him destroyed.


Because he invited them to begin again.  He showed them that they weren’t God experts.  He showed them that they did not know the God they loved.  We think it all flipped when turned the tables (see what I did there?), but actually the bitterness and enmity started much earlier, when he challenged how they practiced sabbath.  It was way back then, in chapter 2, when religious folks started plotting to destroy him.

In Jesus’ day, people of faith were taught that how you kept sabbath was everything.  In our day, we’re taught that sabbath means nothing at all.  But Jesus is Lord of the sabbath.  What if we’re wrong to reject this sacred gift?  What if, like our spiritual ancestors, we are wrong about some of the things we are most certain of?  What if keeping sabbath is more than a break, more than a relic, what if it is a key to entering into the fullness of life Jesus promised us?


Pastor Kate

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