Smashing Idols (a Lenten series) // Greed // Kate Murphy

Greed is probably our favorite idol to redefine. We agree that greed for other people is a problem. But for us? Well, we just put another label on it and re-frame the situation as if it is good for us to have the blessings we do, regardless of how it impacts someone else. But greed is more than consuming or saving . Greed is the assumption that everything — including every blessing — is for our own personal benefit and advantage.

That’s what makes greed an idol: the fact that we find security in it. And if there’s anything we’ve learned over the last week of crisis dealing with COVID-19, it’s that our storehouses of anything material are not truly secure.

So what do we do in response? We invite the Holy Spirit to smash an idol we have been grasping on to so that God can replace it with something better. Listen in to learn how.

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