The Art of Neighboring // It’s About Action // Kate Murphy

This Sunday, we launch our new worship series called “The Art of Neighboring” with a story you’ve probably heard:  The Parable of The Good Samaritan.   In fact, it’s a story that many of us know so well that we’re now in danger of not knowing it at all.

Sometimes, in the church, we can confuse knowing with doing; we can trick ourselves into thinking that simply knowing what is required of us, is all that is required of us. It isn’t. We are a people called to love those closest to us in tangible, sacrificial, restorative, life-giving ways. This is the timeless truth that we will lean into, even if you’ve already learned about the good Samaritan one hundred times over.

Listen in as we re-commit ourselves to not just knowing what we believe, but also living it.

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