The Art of Neighboring // It’s Going To Cost Us Something // Kate Murphy

At some level, everyone who is trying to live a little bit more like Jesus wants to be a good neighbor.  But even though we won’t often admit it, sometimes we’re looking to be a neighbor in a way that it doesn’t cost us very much. This week we look back at what God taught the ancient Hebrew people about neighboring and think about how it applies to us today.

Before the Hebrews even entered into the promised land, God laid out boundaries, limits, and customs so that his people would know how to live well together, as a holy community. Through these limits and customs, God teaches his people that good neighboring doesn’t happen spontaneously. It requires intentionality and, let’s be real, it will always cost us something. This week, we learn about the ancient and holy practice of gleaning—and how we don’t have to be wealthy landowners to incorporate this practice into our lives.

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