The Art of Neighboring // It’s Okay To Love a Little // Kate Murphy

We’re deep in our quest of learning how to be good neighbors, and this week we’re learning the importance of loving our neighbors…a little.

Let’s be honest. Most of us end up doing nothing because we are unwilling to do a little.

It’s not that we don’t care! We’re excited to make a difference, change a life, save the day. But loving our neighbors rarely looks like being a hero. It looks like showing up, doing what we can, and sharing what we have. And in the face of the depth of suffering and pain in the world, what we do can often look…little.

What’s the point of that? How could the little that we have to offer even matter?

In John, we see the gospel truth. Our little acts to love our neighbors actually do matter—not because of our power, but because of God’s power.

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