The Life of Joseph-Part 1 // Genesis 37 // Pastor Kate Murphy

Scripture: Genesis 37:1-28

Dear Church,

One of the things I find so comforting about scripture is how much familiarity is there.  Of course, you find the unbelievable miracles–instant healings, never-ending feasts, walking on water.  You find the sublime poetry of the psalms and the prophets.  You find declarations of God’s limitless love and unending mercy. These are all wonder-filled revelations.

But you also open this sacred book and find the all too familiar–stories of funding families, devastating choices with painful consequences, failure, betrayal and tragedy.  And these moments, painful as they are to read, are what make the other moments matter so much.  Finding evidence that the folks we meet in scripture are as flawed and faithless as we are gives me great hope.  It’s what lets me know that the miracles and beautiful promises are for folks like us too.

God works out salvation in the messy lives of real people.  Always has, always will.  And if you need reminding of that, I hope you’ll join us this week, as we begin a two-part worship series on The Life of Joseph–full of promise and problems, set-backs and celebrations, faithfulness and failure.  In other words, a life just like ours.

Pastor Kate

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