This Is Us // To Come Alive in Christ // Kate Murphy

This Sunday, we explore the final part of our mission: Inviting All to Serve and Come Alive in Christ. But, this coming alive in Christ part, it’s the goal we equally long for and dread.

Because, for the most part, we can all see the value in having an open, welcoming community that invites all. And, the serving is something we understand—who doesn’t look at the world and hope to be a part of repairing its brokenness?

But, the coming alive in Christ part is altogether something different. It’s not something we do, it’s something that is done to us. And, if honest, most of us often wonder—do we really need it? Do we really need to come alive in Christ?

Sure, we have some bruises that need healing, some rough edges that might need sanding off, but aren’t we already alive? Aren’t we all good? Mostly?

No. Not at all. The ground at the cross—as the Saints say—is level. Meaning, that which we clearly see that others need, is exactly what we need ourselves. New hearts. New starts. New life—to come alive, again and again.

But hear the good news, Church—this isn’t a test or a challenge or a trap. Coming alive in Christ is a gift. I hope you’ll listen in to this message that unpacks more of why that gifts is the most important thing of all.

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